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Nigerian Woman Dies As A Result Of Plastic Surgery In Turkey

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A Nigerian medical practitioner known as Abimbola Bamgbose has reportedly died while undergoing plastic surgery in Turkey.

Nigerian Woman Dies While Undergoing Going Plastic Surgery In Turkey, Husband Slams Critics 1

Following Bamgbose’s death, it was rumored that the deceased went to Turkey for her cosmetic surgery expedition without any member of her family knowing.

It was alleged that she lied to her husband that she was travelling to do shopping while others claimed that she went to undertake the surgery to enhance her body to celebrate her 40th birthday which is a few days away.

However, some people who claim to know Bamgbose have debunked the rumours, saying the deceased was only 38 and wasn’t preparing for her 40th birthday.

Osunmo added that the deceased went for the surgery with her husband’s consent and did so “because the size of her tummy was giving her serious health concerns.”

Bamgbose’s husband has also slammed critics in a Facebook message sent to users spreading lies about his wife. He mentioned that the claims being made online about his deceased wife do not have “any iota of truth”.