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Close the blinds, slip on some headphones and maybe say a Hail Mary, because we are about to bring you some of the creepiest recent sightings from around Singapore.

This year, we’re dealing with multiple levels of hair-raising horror. Not only is it the month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, today is also the ever-lucky Friday the 13th (all in the midst of a pandemic, it goes without saying)!

Some of the nation’s daring souls have taken it upon themselves to film and invoke lingering spirits at famous hotspots such as Old Changi Hospital and Bedok Reservoir, while others only found out later that … they were not alone.

From mysterious figures on buses and houses to eerie voices calling out names that were caught on tape, here are some of the all time most frightening evidence uploaded online. Proceed at your own risk!

The haunted McDonald’s receipt

Just this past Sunday, an anonymous account of a never-ending creepy encounter appeared online. The chilling tale begins with the man recounting how he accidentally disturbed a ritual involving “a circle of candles with rice scattered around.” 

He claimed he felt “nails digging” into his skin and saw a pale woman in white with long locks cycling past him while humming. Bells were heard and a black figure shot out of nowhere. The story digs even deeper when fingerprints (not his) appeared on his McDonald’s receipt before the pallid woman reappeared again later.

What a night!


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Lost bus ‘boy’ 

TikTok user Thines1331 didn’t know he captured more than just the feels on his last day of work as a bus captain. 

His video posted last month saw something at one of the right seats in the back of the stationary bus at Bulim Bus Depot while he was panning the camera to show him at the driver’s seat. Seems like Thines1331 wasn’t aware because commenters had to point out that there was a ‘boy’ in a seat.

If that was what they say it was, we bet Thines1331 was sure happy it was his last day on the job.

@thines1331Today is mMy last Day in smrt 💯😢 a lot memories 8years journey as bus captain♬ original sound – Thamarai Selvi

Woman in white on bench 

Nur Umairah noticed something chilling during her run late one June night in Pasir Ris Park.

She claimed that there was no one else around when she heard someone repeatedly calling her name. With faith and many prayers, Umairah made it back home safely, but not before the gutsy woman captured a photo of what looked like the torso of a woman in white with long black hair. 

Before and after enhanced photos of the figure on the bench. Photos: Nur Umairah/Facebook
Before and after enhanced photos of the figure on the bench. Photos: Nur Umairah/Facebook

‘Pocong’ cadaver ghost hangs out at Bedok Reservoir

Earlier this month, Danial Fikri spotted something high in a tree at Bedok Reservoir, a hotspot with a dark history of recorded drownings and suicides. He claimed that it was a pocong, an Indonesian ghost said to contain the soul of a dead person trapped in a white fabric deathshroud bound over the head, feet and neck. It is common to find them hanging out around trees. 

“The pocong is hanging out in a tree at Bedok Reservoir,” he wrote. “To be honest, I don’t know if it’s a cloth or a prank. But the knot, and the way it sits … ahhh you guys decide kekekeke[.]”

After he snapped the picture; however, he claimed that it disappeared. 

The 'pocong' at Bedok Reservoir. Photo: Danial Fikri
The ‘pocong’ at Bedok Reservoir. Photo: Danial Fikri

Code Spooky at Old Changi Hospital 

Image of a ‘figure’ at a window of Old Changi Hospital. Photo: Ghost Files Singapore/Facebook
Image of a ‘figure’ at a window of Old Changi Hospital. Photo: Ghost Files Singapore/Facebook

Singapore paranormal investigation group Ghost Files Singapore in May posted enhanced footage of a 2014 ghost hunt at the infamous Old Changi Hospital, a defunct and abandoned historical landmark known for hair-raising encounters.

In the 5-minute video, investigators caught a figure from the hospital window, felt a sudden chilling breeze, and heard footsteps from the building. At one point of the video, their electromagnetic field, or EMF reader which detects the paranormal, went off continuously until investigators had to tell the mischievous spirits to “chill out.” An “Andrew” also responded through their Spirit Box used to communicate with the phantoms, which said there were “seven” specters with them at one point.


Singapore Paranormal Investigators last year compiled photos and voice recordings that they have captured overtime. These include figures, orbs and unexplainable sounds like piano playing and a man sighing.

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This article, Nights of Terror: Singapore’s spookiest encounters caught on tape, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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