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Reports that bus services would halt nationwide today were certified as untrue by the government’s own Ministry of Truth, aka the Anti-Fake News Center.

Since yesterday, social media users have been sharing a bogus news article from an unidentified source bus routes would close, adding fuel to the pandemic panic fire, it said, for the second time in three months. 

The authority confirmed that all 31 bus routes along the North-Isaan-South lines are operating as usual and reiterated that all bus routes follow strict COVID regulations to ensure public safety.

That didn’t stop some online outlets from picking up the story yesterday and running with it, according to Bangkok Mass Transit Authority President Sanlak Panyawatthanalikit.

It’s a repeat of similar unfounded rumors that spread in October under the same headline and image.

“All BMTA bus lines will stop running nationwide,” reads the offending image again in circulation. Image: Anti-Fake News Center

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