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An aerial view of Taman Pinggiran Sungai Kelamah submerged in flood water after heavy rains in Tampin January 1, 2022. — Bernama pic
An aerial view of Taman Pinggiran Sungai Kelamah submerged in flood water after heavy rains in Tampin January 1, 2022. — Bernama pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 1 — The number of flood victims in Johor, Melaka and Negri Sembilan have continued to rise as of this evening, while there were some reductions in three other states.

In Johor, the number of flood victims increased to 1,080 people from 271 families as of 4pm, compared to 658 people from 192 families in the afternoon, with Tangkak being the latest district affected by the disaster.

Johor Health and Environment Committee chairman R. Vidyananthan in a statement said that all the victims were currently housed at 19 relief centers in two districts, namely Segamat and Tangkak.

“Another 10 relief centres have been opened, with nine in Segamat and another in Tangkak. The newly opened relief centres in Segamat are SJK© Tah Kang, Balai Raya Kampung Awat, Balai Raya Taman Bukit Lentang, Balai Raya Kampung Jabi 1, Balai Raya Jalan Pemuda, Balai Raya Tungku Tiga, Balai Raya Kampung Sekijang, Sekolah Agama Mukim Jabi and Sekolah Agama Gemereh

“In Tangkak, the Sekolah Agama Bandar Tangkak relief centre was opened, placing a total of 17 victims,” he said.

Vidyananthan said the water in three rivers had surpassed the danger level as of 3.15pm, namely Sungai Segamat in Bandar Segamat, at 9.64 metres (m), Sungai Muar in Kampung Awat, Segamat (20.95m) and Sungai Tangkak in Kampung Seri Makmur (4.32m).

In Melaka, the number of flood victims increased to 507 victims involving 134 families as of 4pm, compared to 382 victims from 100 families at noon.

Melaka Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) director Lt Col (PA) Cuthbert John Martin Quadra in a statement said all the victims were currently housed in eight relief centres, namely at Balai Raya Gadek, SRA Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka (JAIM) Jelatang, SMK Seri Pengkalan, Kampung Jeram surau, SMK Lubok China, SK Belimbing Dalam, SK Alor Gajah 1 and SK Krubong.

In Negri Sembilan, the latest data through the Social Welfare Department’s ‘InfoBencana’ application showed that the number of flood victims in relief centres had increased to 1,437 from 353 families as of 4pm.

In Terengganu, the flood situation improved this evening, with the number of victims down to 165 people from 49 families, compared to 451 people from 128 families in the afternoon.

The state’s Disaster Management Committee Secretariat chief Lt Col (PA) Mohd Rosman Abdullah said four relief centres were still open, namely three in Dungun and one in Kemaman.

“The number of victims in Dungun decreased to 155 people from 47 families, namely at the Kampung Shukor Public Hall (68 people, 20 families), Kampung Pasir Raja Public Hall, Dungun (69 people, 22 families) and Kampung Minda Public Hall (18 people, five families).

“The number of victims in Kemaman, namely at the Kampung Ban Ho surau, was also reduced to 10 people from two families this evening. However, residents are advised to remain vigilant of the changes in weather conditions, and obey the authorities’ instructions to evacuate if required,” he said.

The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) through its official portal https://publicinfobanjir.water.gov.my informed that the water at three rivers was still flowing above the warning level, namely Sungai Dungun in Kuala Jengai, Dungun; Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap, Setiu; and Sungai Besut in Jambatan Keruak, Besut.

In Pahang, the State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat reported that the number of flood victims decreased slightly this evening to 2,026, compared to 2,161 in the afternoon.

The flood victims are being housed at 40 relief centres in Lipis, Raub, Bentong, Temerloh, Rompin, Bera, Pekan and Maran, while the relief centre in Kuantan was closed today.

According to the DID, water levels at four rivers have exceeded the danger level, namely Sungai Dong in Kampung Peruas in Raub, Sungai Serting at Jambatan Padang Gudang (Bera), Sungai Luit in Kampung Subuh (Maran) and Sungai Kechau in Kampung Dusun (Lipis).

Apart from that, the water level at several stations had exceeded the warning level, among them in Jerantut involving Kuala Tahan, Paya Gintong; Sungai Pahang in Sungai Ya; Sungai Tembeling in Kuala Tahan, besides Kuala Medang and Sungai Lipis in Benta, Lipis.

Also surpassing the warning level were Sungai Pahang in Kuala Krau (Temerloh), Sungai Lepar at Jambatan Gelugor (Kuantan) and Sungai Lipis in Batu Malim (Raub).

In Kelantan, the number of flood victims decreased to 331 people from 115 families as of 5pm, compared to 482 people from 154 families, in the afternoon.

According to the InfoBencana application, five relief centres were open involving two districts, namely four in Kuala Krai and one in Jeli.

Meanwhile, the DID reported that no major rivers in Kelantan recorded dangerous water levels, where only four areas recorded warning level readings, namely Sungai Kelantan in Kuala Krai; Sungai Kelantan in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas; Sungai Kelantan in Kusial, Tanah Merah; and Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas.

In Sabah, eight villages in Kota Marudu were confirmed to be affected, while the flood victims remained at 504 victims from 167 families as of this evening.

The Sabah State Disaster Management Secretariat in a statement said the affected villages were Kampung Asin-Asin; Kampung Beliajung; Kampung Tingkalanon; Kampung Tongkungon; Kampung Taritipan; Kampung Morion; Kampung Tandek; and Kampung Popok Laut.

According to the secretariat, the SMK Tandek relief centre housed 253 victims from 97 families while the one in SK Teritipan housed 251 victims from 70 families.

“The monitoring team is still monitoring the villages that have been flooded, surveys have found that the water level has started to recede, and is still under control,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Selangor, the police informed that as of 4.30pm, the routes at Jambatan FT 31 Dengkil — Banting, and Jalan Genting Peras — Kuala Klawang were still closed to vehicles due to flooding, and the road bridge leading to Lapang Sasar, Subang, was damaged due to floods. — Bernama

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