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It was a wild Wednesday in Chonburi city. 

An ostrich fled a farm and ran frantically through the provincial capital, jamming up traffic as the authorities attempted to recapture it.

The world’s largest bird, reported as nearly 2-meters tall, was spotted around noon near Sukprayoon Road in Chonburi city. Motorists stopped for the flightless bird, causing brief traffic congestion. 

Chased out of the street, the ostrich next raced into the parking lot of the Robinson Lifestyle Chonburi shopping mall where its escape was brought to an end by a length of rope around its long, skinny legs. 

A man named Boonkong Leedokmai reached out to the rescue team and said that the ostrich was from his farm. Boonkong said he lets the bird live outdoors and believed an employee accidentally left a gate open, through which the ostrich made its exit. Boonkong in the end took the bird back to his farm by truck.

It was a less grim ending than the last high-profile animal escape. Last year, in Chachoengsao province, two giraffes escaped from a zoo-bound truck and did a runner along the road. The search for the long-necked animals came to a tragic end when one of them was found drowned in a pond. The other was recaptured and sent to zoo captivity.


Giraffe who fled Thai zoo fate has been found. Dead and drowned in a pond.

Fury erupts over idiot who hit giraffe with his motorbike


This article, Ostrich flees farm, leads Chonburi on wild goose chase (Photos), originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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