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Originally published on Global Voices

The silhouette of a weighing scale, tilted to the right, is superimposed on a faded map of Central Asia

Image courtesy Ameya Nagarajan

This week, we take a walk through Central Asia with Central Asia Editor Zhar Zardykhan, to find out the consequences for the region of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan followed by the ascent of the Taliban, which raises fears of militancy, but also puts strains on trade, movement and security. Meanwhile, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine puts these countries on shaky ground, balancing their need to assert territorial integrity with their dependence on Russia for security, remittances and trade.

The Global Voices Podcast brings you local news from all over the world. Each week, insiders from our community share what news matters more in their communities and how they build their stories out of the local context. Listen now for your weekly dose of global news in local voices.

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