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Police in Badung regency are on the hunt for two men accused of statutory rape, after they allegedly violated an 11-year-old girl.

According to reports, the suspected rapists were caught by a neighbor while they were raping the victim last month, and had reportedly made threats against the victim’s family in an attempt to keep the incident out of the police’s radar.

Siti Sapurah, a lawyer representing the underage victim and her family, said they came to her clients’ house late at night while intoxicated, accompanied by members of an unidentified civil society organization (locally referred to as mass organizations, or ormas for short) in an attempt to further intimidate them.

“It is best that they are quickly arrested so that the victim and her family don’t feel like they are under threat. Both the perpetrators are ormas members,” Siti was quoted as saying. 

The incident itself took place when the victim’s parents and older sibling weren’t home. The alleged rapists reportedly entered their house, smothered her and took her to the bathroom, where they took turns raping her.

Siti claimed that the perpetrators had even accused the victim of “selling herself” to them and so the sex was consensual, presumably oblivious to the notion of statutory rape. 

Police have confirmed that an investigation into this case is ongoing.

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This article, Police searching for 2 men accused of statutory rape in Badung, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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