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There comes a time when ordinary reasonable individuals and groups would be compelled by natural forces (the God-factor) to accept the objective truth that change is constant and also realize that even the most powerful empires expire; regardless of the intended and unintended consequences of human action and inaction or behavior.

Unfortunately, the survival of the highly endowed, multi national, multicultural and multi-ethnic member of the British Commonwealth in West Africa has been at a great cost in terms of human and material resources. Sadly, millions of innocent men, women and children, mainly from Eastern Nigeria/Biafra, have been sacrificed and property worth over 100 billion US dollars lost, in a bloody struggle to keep it together as one country.

Suffice to say that the 1914 Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorate of British Nigeria may have expired. Thus, there is an urgent need for a peaceful renegotiation of the fundamental issues relating to the unity, demographics and constitution of the lopsided federation; badly crafted and handed over to Nigerians, by the British Colonial Office on October 01, 1960. Alternatively, the failed Nigerian state may disintegrate into smaller, peaceful, manageable and progressive nation states.

Finally, if the renegotiation option is the way to go, it will begin with political restructuring.
Please consider the unfolding political developments in the collapsing republic, aptly captured in the following scenario, regarding the leading Presidential Candidate from Eastern Nigeria/Biafra and former Governor of Anambra state, Gov. Peter Obi:

“Perhaps, Nigeria doesn’t deserve him.

He is not a regular Nigerian politician.

He is a rare breed.

Yesterday, the PDP primaries were conducted.

Atiku emerged triumphantly.

Today, Peter Obi congratulated him on his success.

Which Nigerian politician plays that kind of politics?

Perhaps, few if any.

Recall that Obi had left the PDP a few days before the primaries.

He thanked the party.

He stated that his principles are at variance with those of the PDP.

He calmly disassociated himself from them.

No insults. No name-calling. No vituperation.


His letter to the chairman was full of civility.

During his nation wide consultation with delegates, Peter Obi visited 35 States including the federal capital territory.

He left only one state.

And that state was Adamawa.

He did that out of respect for Atiku.

A few politicians in Nigeria can equal Obi in magnanimity of spirit.

Obi pays insults with respect.

Wike went to Anambra State. He could have wooed the delegates with tact and reason.

But he didn’t.

He came down on Peter Obi. He told them not to waste their votes on him.

Unsatisfied with humiliating Obi in front of his kinsmen, Wike appeared on a national television, and vilified, abused, and insulted Obi again.

How did Peter Obi pay him back?

The records are there.

Obi went to Rivers State and praised Wike.

Not only that, Obi appeared on the same Channels TV and was asked his reaction to Wike’s insults.

Obi did not retaliate. He called Wike his brother.

That is the man Peter Obi is.

No pretence. No guile. No bitterness.

Simple and straightforward.

If you don’t like Peter Obi, then I know you hate good things.

Obi is first among equals.

Peter Obi doesn’t deserve Nigeria.

He is doing us a favour by contesting.

Let us reciprocate the gesture by voting for him.

I am yet to see any contestant that comes close to Peter Obi in competence, eloquence, humility, and magnanimity in the present race.

Go, Peter!

We are solidly behind you”

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