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One day after proving they can waste time like no one else, Thai netizens made another weird flex with their own twist on the renowned game that is Popcat.

After defeating Taiwan and Malaysia by clicking on a stupid cat face more than 40 billion times, idle Thai hands racked up another 21 million in a Popcat clone dedicated to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. 

Confused? Those who haven‘t yet “played” Popcat would not understand the divine satisfaction that comes from clicking a cat’s head to make its mouth open. Each cat mouth-opener’s click registers a point for their respective nation, and as Thailand clicked its way to the top over the weekend, a developer launched Popyut. Instead of a comical kitty, it mocks one of the comical coupmaker’s glorious “Workout Wednesday” moments of days past.

Popyut was made by the same developer behind a 120-day countdown clock for Prayuth’s promise to reopen the country, a vow ridiculed at the time that appears all the less likely as COVID-19 continues to spread.

People had clicked more than 21 million times to make Prayuth – whose stock has hit an all-time low as the coronavirus ravages the mostly unvaccinated kingdom – trip and fall. 

Popcat started to gain momentum in Thailand just this past weekend. With the exploding popularity, Thais on semi-lockdown had a new purpose, and quickly climbed the ranks to go from No. 22 to No. 5 within hours before seizing the top spot, beating countries such as Taiwan and Malaysia. As of this morning, Thailand has clicked more than 40 billion times.

The iconic big-mouthed feline even appeared at Saturday’s anti-government “car mob” protest, showing up on signs that took aim at the government’s mishandling of the vaccine rollout: “We can click Pop Cat, but we cannot click to reserve our vaccines.”

Its appearance in the street even drew the attention of Popcat developer Edward Hails, who gave a shout out to Thailand’s political crisis. 

“Please take a moment to learn about the protests in Thailand. Many people are asking for change, the least we can do is listen,” Hails tweeted.

Despite all the impressive clicking, Prayuth remains prime minister as of press time.


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This article, ‘Popcat’ champs Thailand take aim at PM with ‘Popyut’, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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