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As the tenants vacate the iconic building before it closes for good in May, the popular Thai supermarket will reopen at Aperia Mall in Kallang. 

The supermarket is an establishment in Golden Mile Complex and has been there since 1985. Besides mookata, authentic Thai fare and occult shops, the supermarket is a one-stop shop for cooking pastes for popular Thai dishes, biscuits, sweets and more. 

In 2020, the supermarket also expanded to go online which was handy during the height of the pandemic.

The supermarket had announced that they would be revealing the new location after Chinese New Year. 

Renders of the new space were also shared with the followers. 

Some sharp-eyed individuals managed to spot some notices at Aperia Mall and spread the news. 

While most shops and restaurants have already announced their new locations, there are some that have not like Enclave Bar and event space Room 0416. 

Golden Mile Complex will be handed over to developers in May after being in operation for over 50 years. 

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