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Soccer obsession brought the vile worst out of one Indonesian “fan,” after English Premier League star Wilfried Zaha shared a racist Instagram DM from someone in the archipelago following his heroic on-pitch exploits over the weekend.

Zaha, who scored the first goal in Crystal Palace’s 2-0 win over title favorites Manchester City on Saturday, took to Instagram to share several racist messages he received on the platform following the victory.

“This message isn’t for me to get a million messages saying we stand with you and it’s disgusting or about me getting sympathy,” Zaha wrote in his story, which is no longer available today. 

“I don’t mind abuse because nowadays it comes with doing the job I do even though it’s not an excuse but my colour will always be the real problem but it’s fine because I’ll always be BLACK AND PROUD!”

One of the racist DMs Zaha shared came from an @ifiaramadani, who, as the screenshot above shows, abused the Ivorian using derogatory implications of the words “Black” and “pig,” as well as the Indonesian word “bangsat,” which means bastard.

The user’s display picture depicted himself wearing Manchester City’s sky blue jersey.

Like many Black soccer players, Zaha has endured racist abuse throughout his career. Last year, a 12-year-old boy was arrested for making racist threats to Zaha via Instagram, which included an accompanying image of the Ku Klux Klan. Zaha said then that he was “scared” to open Instagram due to the volume of racist messages he receives.

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The account @ifiaramadani is no longer active on Instagram.

To the credit of the majority of Indonesian soccer fans, many have posted messages of support and denouncing racism in recent Instagram posts by Zaha.

“You are a great baller. All loves from Indonesian bro,” @widiyanto.ng wrote.

“Say no to racism! We are equal,” @fakhrizulfikaar added.

This article, Premier League star Wilfried Zaha shares racist Insta DM from Indonesian user, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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