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Rapper Blaq Bonez tackles people saying 'it's summer' while in Nigeria Rapper Blaq Bonez has shared a tweet addressed to those who say ‘it’s summer, we outside’ while in Nigeria.  According to the rapper, they are copying western culture without shame and they are hyped about summer outside Nigeria.  Blaq Bonez tweeted;  Niggas in lagos, Nigeria be saying it’s ‘summer’ we outside, yooo ITS RAINING EVERY DAY!! are you mad??? copying western culture without shameThey hyped about summer outside naij cos that really be the one time they can be outside proper proper, they see a lil sun they excited, bring out the bikinis, but we see sun almost all the time, wtf you on about a summer ting lagos Rapper Blaq Bonez tackles people saying 'it's summer' while in Nigeria The post Rapper Blaq Bonez tackles people saying ‘it’s summer’ while in Nigeria appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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