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It’s no secret that the Philippines loves basketball so much it really ought to be the national sport. For many, the game’s unexpected twists and turns are just as much of a draw as the displays of athletic prowess. At a recent Pilipinas Super League game, it was not a player but a pup that provided the game’s biggest surprise.

A small dog with a black-and-white coat was caught on camera crossing the court during a match between the Lapu-Lapu Chiefs and the Kapatagan Buffalos in the Under 21 Aspirants division.

The dog, whose breed remains unidentified, cut through the basketball court of the President Manuel A. Roxas Sports Complex about four minutes and 27 seconds into the fourth quarter.

Players briefly came to a standstill upon seeing the pup, who clearly had no clue about the (adorable) interruption it had caused.

“Oh, we have a mascot inside the gym,” commentators cracked as they laughed at the incident.

The camera zoomed in on the doggo who immediately exited the gym as personnel chased him to little effect — he clearly had someplace to be.

The Pilipinas Super League is a professional basketball league that held its inaugural conference in March.

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