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Former Bayern Munich chief, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has said losing David Alaba to Real Madrid was a major blow.

Alaba left Bayern for Real in a Bosman deal last summer.

Rummenigge said: “Basically, I think everyone agrees that this exit shouldn’t have happened. Don’t forget, the boy grew up at Bayern Munich. He played there for 13 years and has always been an important part of Bayern’s DNA.

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“Unfortunately, everything got a bit stuck at some point. Either economically or atmospherically. That is difficult to assess now. The main thing is that, sadly, he is no longer there. I think that this departure at least has not been duly compensated. I think in Alaba’s case we all did everything.

“Unfortunately, the whole thing got stuck somewhere. And he came to the conclusion that he wanted to leave the club because he obviously had a very interesting offer from Real Madrid.”

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