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Reno Omokri has written an open letter to BBNaija enthusiasts. In his letter, the former presidential aide asked ardent followers of the reality TV show to campaign for their businesses as much as they campaign for housemates who do not know them. His letter reads ”Dear #BBNaija enthusiasts,You see how you campaign for that housemate? Good. Campaign for your success like that. Instead of selling a housemate you don’t know and who does not know you, to me, use that time and energy to sell a product you can profit from to me. Do not be afraid of business or think that it is wrong to make a profit. It is not wickedness for lions to kill and eat antelopes. It is life’s natural order. Don’t be sentimental in business. Set your price competitively. Make your profit. Don’t exploit customers. But dont cheat yourself. A lion that does not kill will itself be killed!”The post Reno Omokri writes open letter to BBNaija enthusiasts appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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