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Republicans have now raised questions about US President Joe Biden’s fitness for office.  Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, Joe Biden defended his handling of the troops withdrawal in a speech on Monday August 16, pointing fingers iat the Afghan military and former President Trump.Howeverr, Republicans say the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which has led to thousands of American civilians being trapped in the Taliban-controlled country is enough to ask the serious question of whether Biden is fit to rule the United States.Florida Sen. Rick Scott told Fox News that it’s time to “ask the serious question of whether Joe Biden is fit to lead our nation as commander in chief,” while Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson said that the Afghanistan debacle is further evidence that Biden is “unfit for office.” Scott told Fox News in a statement Wednesday that Biden’s “abject failure to execute a strategic withdrawal of American forces has needlessly put innocent American lives in danger.””This massive failure of leadership cannot be ignored. It is unconscionable that Joe Biden found it acceptable to withdraw our troops before first ensuring the safe evacuation of Americans and our allies.””Now, as he hides from the American public and the press, it’s clear that we must ask the serious question of whether Joe Biden is fit to lead our nation as commander in chief,” Scott continued.”While our immediate focus remains on the safe return of all Americans and service members, I am also calling for Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi to immediately launch a bipartisan and bicameral investigation into the Biden administration’s failed withdrawal.” Meanwhile Johnson added that he has been “saying since September 2020 that President Biden was unfit for office for a variety of reasons.””Sadly, we have seen that opinion confirmed time and again over the last seven months,” the senator told Fox News in a statement.”The unmitigated disaster we’ve seen in Afghanistan is only the most recent debacle created by Biden and his team of incompetents.””This has been a failure of leadership, from the commander in chief on down more concerned with wokeness than military readiness and effectiveness,” he continued.”Our nation, and the men and women who honorably serve and sacrifice for it, deserve far better.” The post Republican senators question Joe Biden’s fitness for office amid Taliban takeover of Afghanistan appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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