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French journalist Romain Molina has made a quite extraordinary claim that half of the World Cup-winning French team are addicted to Nitrous Oxide.

Football fans are no strangers to scandal. French football fans are even more accustomed to it.

You feel as though there could be another on the horizon here, with a French journalist by the name of Romain Molina breaking down the ‘hippy crack’ epidemic which is currently rife across the channel.

Romain Molina discussed the issue in depth during a video posted on YouTube, during which he makes some quite remarkable claims, claims you likely won’t understand without hitting the ‘subtitles’ button…

Romain Molina has suggested that as many as half of all players in the French national team take Nitrous Oxide, also referred to as laughing gas or hippy crack, on a regular basis.

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The journalist suggests that the problem is not confined to the national team, with as many as 75% of players in the French football leagues also partaking in the controversial activity.

Players are not only supposed to be setting an example for younger supporters, but they also ought to educate themselves on the potential adverse effects of taking the drug, particularly long-term, insisting that it is an issue that should be tackled head-on.





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