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Rising Artist, Delo Combines With Boosie For New Single 'I Miss You' | LISTEN! – .

Rising Artist, Delo Combines With Boosie For New Single ‘I Miss You’ | LISTEN! – .

One of the songs of the year, “I Miss You” is a confident and
self-assured project that affirms Delo’s own place alongside well
established musical peers, and in this case, collaborating with Boosie
BadAzz allows Delo to arrive with a tidal force. His blend of
contemporary Soul & Hip Hop is straddled with contemplation and
endurance, struggle and healing, all in the name of love.

As the title suggests, the free-spiritedness of the song is grounded
by Delo’s lyrics of carrying the worry of having someone absent in
your life. For sure it’s the worst feeling alright but Delo and Boosie
BadAzz deliver a deep heartfelt performance with their comforting

The song carries it’s weight in gold, bearing the emotional pain of
missing someone in your life and still having the ability to take care
of your feelings. The song showcases an eclectic range of style from
both artists. Over three minutes long, “I Miss You” radiates a
nostalgia and sadness that’s cerebral and pensive to the heart. Delo’s
words possess some heart-lethal doses, soaring above the instrumental,
lithe and often mesmerizing, but closely competing with Boosie BadAzz.

Their lyrics are evocative, cutting through the rhetoric with singable
rhymes and metaphors that showcase their vocal and poetic skills. This
song is not the cheesy kind of “Let’s hold hands and be together
forever kind of way”. This one goes much deeper. This is the kind of
song that resonates with someone being locked up behind bars, the
death of a loved one, the ex who you disappointed many a times, or the
lover whose a million miles away and makes each inevitable passing day
feel unbearable without them.

Delo and Boosie BadAzz leave us with an irresistible song that aims
straight for the heart. And there is no way around it other than to
embrace the emotions that comes with listening to it. “I Miss You”
then gains potency and grit with both artists channeling their inner
creativity. Nonetheless, it leaves you brimming with vibrant emotions,
and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you happen to find yourself singing


Listen to the Rising Artist, Delo Combines With Boosie For New Single ‘I Miss You’ | LISTEN! – .:

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