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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 15 — Former MIC president and long-time minister Tun S. Samy Vellu’s son Datuk Seri S. Vell Paari shared details of the late politician’s last day today.

Speaking to the media at Samy Vellu’s residence, Vell Paari said that his father was in a jovial mood from last night.

“Normally he goes to the office every day dressed like how he used to go to the ministry those days, but from Mondays onwards he told them that he doesn’t want to go,” Vell Paari said, adding that his father spent his time staying at home instead and watching his favourite dramas.

Samy Vellu had asked for different people, so many people dropped by his residence to see him. He asked for Vell Paari’s daughter, who was supposed to fly off to the United Kingdom tomorrow, and he recognised her when he saw her despite his dementia.

“She came over to see him at about 6pm and he recognised her — that’s what surprised me. He hugged her and made her sit down,” Vell Paari said, adding that his father had asked for him as well as one of his cousins.

“When I came to him, I gave him my hand and he massaged my hand and told my cousin to massage his shoulders,” he said, saying his father was very happily talking to everyone.

For dinner, Samy Vellu had his favourite Chinese fried rice and then took his medicine. After that, at 10pm he announced he was feeling tired and told everyone to go back.

“He got up at about 2.45am to go to the toilet and he sat around for a while and then about 3.15 or 3.20am he went to bed. That was about it, I think.

“Then the boys who were looking after him came and knocked on my door at 6am or 6.30am. Normally he gets up at this time.

“So then I rushed and I saw him and I knew. I called my brother over to come in and he checked and he confirmed that (Samy Vellu) has left us,” Vell Paari said.

He said that today was an eye opener for him regarding the number of lives his father had touched.

“Today from the time that the news went out he had passed away, it’s been non-stop. People have been coming in and giving their condolences, from just normal common people right up to ministers,” he said.

Samy Vellu, one of the country’s longest-serving ministers with 30 years in the Cabinet, died at his residence here today at the age of 86.

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