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As the world looks forward to the attainment of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in 2030, the Surveyor-General of the Federation, Surv. Taiwo Samuel Adeniran has said that without Surveying and Geospatial inputs, the seventeen (17) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), would not be realized by 2023, which is the terminal date.
He counseled surveyors to consider the goals and come up with geospatial solutions or inputs that can facilitate the realization of the goals.
Surv. Adeniran made this prediction while delivering a paper titled, “Surveying Practice in Federal Capital Territory: The Burden of Land Tenure System and Lack of Adaptability to Change,” at a seminar organized by the Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN) FCT Chapter.
“Surveyors and Geomaticians must start thinking solutions because surveying and geomatics are about solutions. Our major problem is that we wait for people to create jobs for us, whereas we have to create it and provide solutions for it”, he said.
On the land tenure system in FCT, the Surveyor-General of the Federation explained that the land tenure system of a given society is the manner in which land is owned and possessed.
He complained that the Land Proclamation Ordinance enacted by Lord Lugard in 1900 disregarded the principle of native law and custom and provided that title to land can only be acquired through the High Commissioner.
He posited that the Land Proclamation Ordinance was enacted to kill the institution of family and communal land ownership by facilitating the acquisition of title to land through the High Commissioner.
While criticizing the Land and Native Right Act of 1916, Surv Adeniran further said that the present land ownership system in Nigeria as enshrined in the Land Use Act of 1978 had its origin in the Native Right Act of 1916 enacted in the north by the colonial master.
“This shows the colonial socialist inclinations with excessive state control of land ownership, use and development. The system cannot effectively support private sector driven enterprises and development initiatives as it creates too much bureaucracy in the documentation of land transactions, land registration, and land titling. Therefore there is lockup capital in the land system as it were which does not support people empowerment. This is the major burden on the practice of surveying in FCT as Government is the major user of the practicing surveyors’ services. This is one of the reasons that necessitate the call for the repealing of the land use Act of 1978 and the introduction of Land Reform in 2007,” he further explained.
Earlier in his remarks, the Chairman, Association of Private Practicing Surveyors of Nigeria (APPSN) FCT Chapter, Surv. S Olukotun said that surveying practice in FCT has gone through a lot of problems due to the peculiar nature of FCT hence the theme of the seminar, “Surveying Practice in FCT: Problems and Prospects”.
He charged surveyors to participate in politics so as to defend their  profession and take part in the formulation of policies concerning their profession.

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