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Step aside, baby panda. The attention is now on mama panda – at least for a day.

Jia Jia enjoyed her cub’s first 100 days with a feast of bamboo shoots, carrots and even a sweet, heart-shaped ice block to reward her for being a good mom, and Mandai Wildlife Group today released photos and clips of the panda banquet.

“Jia Jia wasted no time in scaling the tree, and staying there, to enjoy her treats. Back in her den, another surprise awaited her — a heart-shaped icy block infused with honey, which she eagerly lapped up,” Mandai Wildlife Group wrote.

Videos showed Jia Jia climbing a tree and ripping into a banner hung with bamboo shoots and carrots. She was also seen licking the heart-shaped ice block while quietly sitting on the floor of her den.

While the festivities were going on, the panda care team took the opportunity to weigh in the baby at 6.36 kilograms.

The cub’s name will be revealed next month. Voting has closed for five names submitted by the public: Hong Hong, Le Le, Xin Le, Xin Yang, Xin Yuan.

Its parents, 13-year-old Kai Kai and 12-year-old Jia Jia are entering the final year of their decade on loan from China. Discussions with the Chinese authorities to extend their stay beyond next year are underway, according to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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This article, Singapore’s busiest panda mama gets day off and feast on cub’s 100th day (Video), originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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