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Siti Nurhaliza’s beauty brand has pulled its facial wipes from the internet after being accused of swiping a competitor’s packaging design. 

Simplysiti, which is owned by the Malaysian songstress, yesterday denied any intention to copy the design of Kayman Beauty’s facial wipes packaging, while pinning the blame on the manufacturer. The company then apologized for what it said was a “misunderstanding.” 

“SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd did not intend to copy any products or packaging, as the wet wipes are produced by a general manufacturer,” the company said. “We are sorry for the misunderstanding that happened. We respect other beauty brands and embrace healthy competition in the industry.”

Simplysiti’s facial wipes were launched last month while Kayman Beauty released theirs last year. The packaging design for both facial wipes were in black and bore the same plant logos indicating that they contained aloe vera and green tea, photos online showed. 

Simplysiti’s response came hours after Kayman Beauty owner Nabella Anuar aired her grievances online. While the 29-year-old never explicitly mentioned the singer’s brand, people online were quick to find out. 

“I’m so sad that my hard work has been copied by a big company,” she said on Twitter yesterday. “The product is being sold in drugstores now while small beauty brand owners like me are struggling to survive.”

Nabella said she accepted Simplysiti’s explanation but clarified that none of her skincare products have been made at a factory. 

Simplysiti has removed traces of its facial wipes from its online store and social media channels. It was launched by the award-winning singer 11 years ago,  selling halal skincare, cosmetics, and fragrance. 

Simplysiti Facial Cleansing Wipes, at left, and Kayman Beauty Wipe-It-All facial wipes, at right.

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This article, Siti Nurhaliza’s brand pulls facial wipes over claims of copycat design, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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