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If three of your favorite F-words are fun, French, and fashion, then you’re probably already counting down the days until the season-three premiere of Emily in Parisonly 12 remain until Lily Collins and the amiable albeit occasionally aloof cast of characters magically appear on Netflix on December 21.

Creator Darren Star has a flare for the dramatic, so while we’re not sure what that means for Emily’s relationship and career, we’re pleased to see that the costumes continue to be next-level. Marylin Fitoussi remains at the helm of the costume-and-wardrobe department, delighting viewers with Emily’s occasionally avant-garde (or perhaps just overly American) style, showcasing vibrant colors and punchy patterns mixed in with classic “French-girl” style as seen on supporting characters.

So while we don’t yet know what antics Emily will get up to this season, we do know that the show’s over-the-top costumes are reason enough to tune in. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at a few of Emily et amis’ OOTDs. 

Don’t let the feather jacket distract you from the platform footwear.

Zebra is always eye-catching, but it’s the sculptural sleeve that makes this top a scene stealer.

French girls are fearless when it comes to fashion.

The girls are back, and their style is bolder than ever.

Even the set features pops of fun colors.

Maternity wear has never looked so major.

Just one of many kisses, we hope.

Power suiting, but make it bright.

We love a wide-leg trouser for work.


Who said you can’t do the heavy lifting while wearing a micro mini?

An updo usually signals an over-the-top evening.

We can’t wait to find out what Sylvie is thinking.

Camille with the scene-stealing suit.

We’re sensing a lime green motif this season.

Him again?


Emily always stands out.

Just a casual day at the office.

Gingham with leather? We’ll see…

Even her towel is terrific. 

Ashley Park’s character, Mindy, always has the most fun shoes.

Yep, already intimidated. 

Cape goals. 

Super subtle, ladies. 

The night is young! 

True joie de vivre. 

You know Emily didn’t pair that neon plaid blazer with anything basic. 

We’d say the neon green onesie with cutouts steals this scene, but Ashley Park’s voice is even more amazing.

It’s giving classic American fashion icon Cher Horowitz. 

Honestly, this look is kind of tame for Emily.

That’s one way to mix prints.

Even the jewelry is intentional. 

No seriously, him again?

Oddly entrancing. 

See, Emily’s not always the brightest one in the room.

Bonne chance on season three, Emily! 

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