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Popular Ghanaian socialite, Shugatiti has filed a lawsuit against Reverend Frank Gogo and two other people over alleged defamation.  The cleric had alleged that the socialite is a mamiwata (mermaid) sent to destroy men. While appearing on a news channel, Reverend Gogo claimed that Shugatiti who owns a restaurant is enticing people to purchase her cuisine by using extraterrestrial powers.  He said during an interview on Oman Channel;  She is possessed by a marine spirit and all those who visit her restaurant will end up being possessed. She is a queen in the realms of the spirit. Anyone who has eaten in her restaurant and is a woman has been possessed.She has been sent by the devil to destroy. She can possess women who visit her restaurant merely by talking to you or having an encounter with youall those who visit her restaurant should be very careful. Shugatiti who has now filed a lawsuit against the cleric, stated that she is prepared to face the man of God in court if he could back up the claims. She said;  Members of Frank Gogo (Ekatso) church inform your pastor to meet me in court to prove that Im a demon of the sea with an evidence of entering the sea.  In the court document, it was stated that Gogo alleged that the plaintiff is a demon-possessed person of questionable character and means and hence it is dangerous for ordinary right-thinking members of society to be associated, acquainted or have any contact whatsoever with the dentist. Shugatiti through her lawyer, is asking the court to declare That the words uttered by defendants on Oman Channel which was published on 16th April on OMAN Channel can be found on YouTube is defamatory . She is also seeking general damages for defamation of character. The post Socialite Shugatiti sues Pastor who alleged that she is a mamiwata sent to destroy men” appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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