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Randoms soliciting nudes is as old as the internet itself, but now Indonesian women have to keep an eye out for randoms soliciting pics to satisfy a rather unconventional fetish.

Recently, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @jxpxtcr posted about her interaction with someone who appears to be turned on by women wearing eye patches (the medical kind, not the Captain Hook kind).

The user said the random slid into her DM after she tweeted about having to wear an eye patch for a medical procedure. After some small talk, the random — who appears to be a man fronting as a woman on Twitter — cut to the chase and asked @jxpxtcr for photos of her eye patch.

The user refused and thought the MO was suspiciously similar to that of jarik fetish man. So @jxpxtcr browsed through the random’s Twitter account and found that he had reposted numerous photos of women wearing eye patches obtained from previous victims.

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After the posts went viral, @jxpxtcr told Coconuts that the alleged eye patch fetishizer has stopped bothering her. His Twitter account is no longer available as of the time of writing, though it’s unclear if he has re-emerged using new pseudonyms.

The Jakarta Metro Police said it’s aware of the posts and is looking into possible criminal violations in the solicitation of the eye patch photos.

This article, Someone in Indonesia is going around asking women for eye patch pics to satisfy fetish, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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