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Was my title too dramatic? I’m sorry. I guess I should clarify that I don’t actually have anything against the crossbody bag, but I can’t help but comment on the fact that since shoulder bags and smaller totes have risen in popularity (again), the title of my favorite hands-free bag seems to have slipped away from the style, and it just feels right.

I mean, I, for one, missed clutching my purse tightly underneath my arm or letting it rest in the crease of my elbow, and we can all admit that it’s definitely a sleeker and chicer look. With Prada’s reissued nylon shoulder bags, countless Bottega Veneta styles, and even the Dior Saddle and Fendi Baguette revivals all (still) in the spotlight, plus a slew of more under-the-radar iterations on their way to becoming classics, it seems that there’s no time like the present to either bring back your old shoulder bag or invest in a new one.

To see how some of our favorite fashion people are wearing the style on Instagram while, of course, shopping my favorite shoulder bags for yourself, just keep scrolling.

Staud’s beaded bags just get better and better.

Pleats are trending for clothing, but how great does it look on a bag?

This affordable JW Pei bag is an editor and celebrity favorite.

An everyday staple.

Something to hunt for on your next vintage shopping adventure.

How good is Jacqemus’s latest bag iteration?

A note-worthy lesson on how to wear color.

I love when animal print accessories are paired with simple basics.

How lovely are these colors?

If I was in the market for a new bag, this would definitely be a top contender.

Simple and sleek.

A woven style screams summer and will stick with you year after year.

I applaud Coach’s comeback.

You can never go wrong with Paco Rabanne.

Gen Z’s favorite bag.

Call me biased, but this Who What Wear bag really does look five times its price.

Just beautiful.

This whole look is just the perfect nod to the ’90s.

This shape will never not be cool.

This one reminds of a croissant.

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