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THERE are so many “spy shots” of upcoming cars – decked in camouflage wrap while undergoing testing on public roads – that make you wonder if they were simply staged by the car companies themselves as publicity stunts.

You may have seen some images you strongly believed were snapped by excited motorists with their mobile phones and automotive paparazzis lugging around howitzer-sized telephoto lenses, where some of those images were so blurry and/or grainy, despite their enhancements on them, you have to combine what the journalists wrote about them to build a better image of them in your mind.

But there are also images that are so clear, up close and fortuitously-timed, you will think that the person who snapped them must have been at the right place at the right time and even gave a good chase to capture the moment.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Who cares, right?

Anyway, a few images of the latest Land Rover Defender sent to the local media – three of them shown here – are also referred to as “spy shots” and apparently “spotted” travelling in the Penchala Tunnel, along the Penchala Link which connects Sungai Penchala to Mont Kiara in the Klang Valley.

They were sent to us by Land Rover Malaysia’s PR consultant (wink wink!).

One of the images even has a QR code on the rear side windows, for anyone who saw it to scan it. It will lead to more information on the new Defender on Land Rover Malaysia’s website. “Spy shots”, huh?

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