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SUBARU exclusive distributor TC Subaru Sdn Bhd recently introduced the “Subaru Connex” mobile application, for greater safety and peace of mind to new and current Subaru owners, after the successful completion of a two-year-long trial.

“Safety is what drives Subaru. The commitment to keep our drivers and passengers even safer on the road was what led us to spearhead the trial of Subaru Connex in 2019, a sophisticated security system with the support of a 24/7 call centre,” said the company.

“Subaru Connex has come at the right time when safety has become more important than ever. The device further enhances our continuous commitment to safety, giving Subaru drivers something more that they can rely on should they require emergency assistance.”

Customers can receive notifications and reports via the Subaru Connex mobile application.

Automatic accident alert, response

When an accident happens, Subaru Connex-equipped vehicles will provide information such as the location of the vehicle, severity of the impact and crash speed to the call centre.

With an impact force as low as 2G, the device will register the crash and sends the necessary information to the call centre.

Simultaneously, the on-board system will automatically connect with the call centre operator who will then be able to speak to the driver and occupants in the Subaru to find out if they are well or require medical and/or roadside assistance.

If assistance is required, the call centre will then connect with Malaysia Emergency Response Services (MERS) at 999 and provides the Subaru’s location, so that help may be dispatched.

However, if there is no reply from the driver or occupants via the in-car voice box and the on-board system measures a high severity impact, the call centre will then call 999 to request for an ambulance at the accident site.

Enhanced roadside assistance

Breakdowns may happen anytime. With Subaru Connex, help is always at the driver’s fingertips. With Subaru Connex, all an owner needs to do is press the bCall button (breakdown call) on the device to contact the breakdown service provider, Subaru’s Roadside Assist, which will then send the necessary help to the vehicle’s location.

So, the next time Subaru Connex users encounter a tyre puncture or are caught in an accident or flash flood, they can be confident that help will be on the way.

Enhanced emergency assistance

While medical emergencies would require swifter action, Subaru Connex users may count on the on-board system to notify the call centre which will then request for medical assistance to be sent to their location.

Users may also utilise the SOS service when they witness an accident or assist someone else who needs it. Ambulance services will be dispatched to the requested location.

For the ultimate confidence, care and convenience, a “VIP Assist” is offered exclusively for Subaru Connex customers via the bCall button, which includes:

1. Unlimited towing to a preferred authorised Subaru workshop, in case of flood, breakdown or accident.

2. On-site repair service, up to RM300 (labour charge only) per incident

3. Transport reimbursement in case of an accident repair, up to RM2,000* (when serviced at authorised Subaru workshop)

*Terms and conditions apply.

Additional security features

Smart alarm: Upon setting up the alarm, the owner will be notified (via the app and the registered email) if their Subaru’s ignition has been switched on or if their vehicle is being towed.

Car status: For the convenience of the owner, he/she will be able to check the vehicle’s battery voltage, device battery voltage, ignition On or Off status, driving history or last parked location.

Pro-active battery status management: Even in situations when the vehicle has not been driven for a period of time, the battery’s health is monitored 24/7 and the owner will be notified if the battery’s voltage runs low (via the Subaru Connex app as well as registered email) anytime and anywhere.


Service maintenance reminder: Setting and turning on this feature would remind the owner when the vehicle is due for servicing.

Driving score: To encourage safer and more efficient driving practices, the app provides a profiling score for each trip that the vehicle makes.

Trip review: This allows for quick checks on previous trips and informs the owner where the car has been. This is a useful information for the owner if the vehicle has been loaned to family members and friends or fleet customers.

Automatic vehicle location: In cases when the owner has trouble remembering where they parked their vehicle, Subaru Connex will be able to assist them in locating their last parked location.

Speed alert: When the speed limit set up has been exceeded, the owner will receive notifications via a push notification on the mobile app and the registered email. This may be useful in instances when the vehicle has been loaned out to family members and friends or fleet customers.

Stolen vehicle recovery: If the vehicle has been stolen, owners can contact the call centre via the mobile app. Upon verification, the call centre will activate the “Stolen vehicle recovery” process and liaise with the police for vehicle recovery.

Usage-Based Insurance

Subaru Connex is Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) ready. More information will be provided when the programme is launched early next year.

Get connected via mobile app

Customers may download the Subaru Connex mobile app available on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to receive notifications and reports from the device.

From Sept 10, Subaru Connex – priced at RM1,900 (exclusive of prevailing taxes) – will be available as an option for new XV and Forester customers at all authorised Subaru showrooms.

In addition, existing XV and Forester owners may also purchase and install this device at all authorised Subaru service centres nationwide.

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