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YB VENTURES Bhd executive director Au Yee Boon (pix) tells SunBiz that there is nothing that cannot be achieved if you put your heart into it

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

There were definitely times when life was tough, but these were the moments that shaped me into the person I am now. I am grateful for the experiences life has bestowed upon me. I believe that with perseverance and hard work, I can achieve anything.

What traits do you look for in your talent or how do you decide who is right for a job?

Efficiency, producing desired outcomes with minimal mistakes or error. Next is determination. Being able to commit despite stumbling into obstacles from time to time is the characteristic of a person who wins and wins big. Confidence is also something to highlight because it boosts your attitude and mentality.

How do you think the industry you are in will evolve?

Recently, we launched Talos Living Tiles, Malaysia’s first antivirus tiles, using the ground-breaking nano glaze technology to produce endless negative ions. The unique tiles can improve indoor air quality, and much more. As people are increasingly more cautious about the state of their health due to the ongoing pandemic, I am strongly positive on future demand for Talos Living Tiles.

What advice can you offer those looking to start their career/own business?

Focus on learning, not earning. Once the learning is done right, then the earnings will follow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, path to success is hard to reach alone.

Set goals to achieve and cultivate perseverance. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if you set your heart to it.

We all know about the industrial revolution, are we in for a technological revolution? Your thoughts.

I see huge, but yet to be fully harnessed, potential in blockchain technology. Blockchain is an emerging technology, a digital ledger that stores transactional records; it supports both applications and complex programming. Many industries can capitalise on its benefits. Blockchain is the future of modern data transfer technology and its full potential has yet to be fully discovered.

How has mentorship made a difference in your professional life?

There are two ways on how I look at it. Coming from a mid-low income group and blue-collar worker family, I am disadvantaged in the sense that I don’t actually have anyone to guide me for what I want to achieve since my younger days.

At the same time, I am the lucky one because I like to read books, especially on autobiographies of successful people, I like to know their story. From there, I learnt a lot, and, without me realising it, these successful people have somehow become my mentors.

What do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

I always believe that we should never stop learning. I hope to be able to develop better leadership skills, to increase the income of the company and reduce operational expenses. To be the best person I can be for my family, friends and the company.

Best piece of advice you ever received on your career.

Play to your strengths and embrace your weakness.

Most-admired business leader? Why?

Carl Icahn. Icahn is a renowned businessman, popularly known as “Corporate Raider”, founder of Icahn Enterprises and one of the most successful investors of Wall Street.

How do you stay abreast of issues affecting your industry?

The ability to observe alerts you to the big or minor changes that is happening around you. This is where ideas come from. Never stop staying updated, so read and research to be in the trend. I continuously expand my network and we exchange favours in the business world frequently.

We will never know when will we need a favour from anyone but it is a never a bad idea to have someone in your circle to have your back covered in vital times.

If you could have an hour with any thought leader in the world, who would it be and why?

Tony Robbins. He offers a lot of guidance and insights through his motivational speeches and books, which are really inspiring. I would surely not hesitate to meet him in person if there is a chance.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced? And what did you learn from it?

Accepting responsibility. Once I had accepted it, I became more confident and began to see things from a different perspective. Doing the right thing and choosing the correct actions will have influence in producing the right outcome.

What man-made innovation confounds you? Why?

Artificial intelligence. I am certainly amazed by this technology as it can mimic human intelligence and simulate behaviors, making it possible for machines to help reduce the necessity for us to perform tedious or repetitive work and even dangerous tasks.

A must-read for every business owner/manager is …

Good to Great by Jim Collins. Great content for owners and leaders, will read it every year to refresh the advice and value inside. I see things differently every other year I read it as experience change my perspectives towards the content.

How do you expect policies on climate change to impact businesses in the future?

Climate change, such as extreme weather, drought, and so on, will greatly impact our health and disruption to economic and social activity. We try to adapt as much as possible, by doing our part to reduce waste, energy consumption, by aiming to improve resource productivity in the most efficient and sustainable way.

What are the top three factors you would attribute your success to?

Resilience, optimism and proper mindset.

Tell us a joke.

Why is money called dough? Because we all knead it.

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