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PETALING JAYA: Taiwan Excellence is showcasing its 10 award-winning building material brands at the virtual Archidex 2021.

A factory building technologies session will happen online on Thursday to explore business opportunities with its Malaysian counterparts.

Taiwan is a global manufacturing hub well known for its high-quality products as it has built a strong reputation as a leader in innovation.

“Taiwan Excellence participates in the Archidex Online from Oct 4 to Dec 10, 2021 to showcase Taiwan’s ground-breaking technology advancement,“ it said in a statement today.

On its first online talk last Thursday, Taiwan Excellence received more than 160 registrations from industry players.

“Six leading Taiwanese brands shared their ground-breaking advances on kitchen and bathroom building materials, such as pedal control faucet retrofit kit by JLA (Jye Li An Technology), Caesar bathroom cabinet by Sanitar, Justime Chapter 2 kitchen faucet by Sheng Tai Brassware, MiniBle Q microbubble aerator by Herher Synergy, and Liner-washing machine faucet by Liang-Ping Sanitary.

The popular homegrown Taiwanese kitchen appliances brand Taiwan Sakura featured its AI-driven cooker hood and smart control built-in hub.

“The company avoids ignition failure and reduce the risk of backfire with its unique automatic flame-shut-off timer, smart temperature control, and anti-scorch function,“ it said.

The upcoming online talk on Thursday will feature Taiwanese factory building materials by the following companies:

Ching Yuang Enterprise Co Ltd – LED balloon lighting (IP 55)

Yuang Light offers a range of portable LED lighting towers designed for a wide range of industrial, construction, and outdoor uses. The series of power-saving portable LED light balloons are IP 65 rated and are waterproof as well as fire-resistant.

The company’s leading safety features, the industrial lighting solutions, are safe to use in a wide range of applications. It uses high-quality components throughout the production process and the products’ comfortable level outperform the European and North American standards.

Fradox Global Co Ltd – Roof exhaust vent

Fradox Global is a total solutions provider that offers products and technical assistance in ventilation and energy conservation. The Venting Master Roof Exhaust Vent is the first in the industry to combine natural and mechanical cooling functions into one.

It effectively draws out hot air from the indoors while keeping rain and strong wind out. Unlike other commercially available single-layered roof ventilators that rely on the slope of the roof to keep out water, Venting Master’s double-layered deflector is tested to keep the rain out even when installed on a flat surface. The system is particularly useful in Malaysia’s tropical climate and helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Sheng Yuan Electric Co Ltd – Ceiling tile fan (SA-398DP)

Sheng Yuan Electric has been making ventilation fans for more than 70 years, it has a wealth of experience and knowledge in related technologies.

The company is a leading supplier of air ventilation solutions for homes, commercial space, public space, warehouses, agriculture, and greenhouses. Sheng Yuan is also a pioneer in the use of plasma technology for air purification. The featured SA-398DP Alaska ceiling tile fan uses positively and negatively charged ions to inhibit bacteria growth while removing odours to provide clean and fresh air to any indoor space.

Well-Link Industry Co Ltd – KVM viscoelastic amper

Well-Link Industry is Taiwan’s largest manufacturer of structural bearings, anti-seismic devices, and equipment protection for infrastructure and buildings.

Well-Link’s KVM viscoelastic damper (KVM VD) is a passive energy dissipation device that effectively dissipates external forces on the building due to earthquakes, vibrations, and strong wind.

The device reduces stress and deformation on high-rise buildings and is crucial in making buildings safer, more durable, and resilient to external stress.

Grab the business opportunities with Taiwan Excellence brands. Register now at https://bit.ly/3n7cPcB or contact Ms Tee for more details 012-373 3558.

Re-watch the previous product talk or visit the Taiwan Excellence virtual booth by visiting Archidex Online (search: Taiwan Excellence) until Dec 10, 2021.

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