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Taiwan’s hardware, hand tools for the world

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PETALING JAYA: Taiwan is one of the world’s top three export countries in the hardware and hand tools sector, which is one of the country’s most prominent industries.

More than half of the well-known international mid-range and high-end hand tool brands are from Taiwan, as Taiwan’s hand tool industry export value surpassed US$3.79 billion (RM16 million) in 2019, the third largest in the world.

Every year, Taiwan’s tool industry rakes in US$4 billion from exports of OEM wrenches and pliers. Nearly 70% of enterprises in the hand tool industry are concentrated in the Taichung and Changhua areas.

According to technical research consulting firm TechNavio, the global hand tool market will have reached US$125.5 billion in scale by 2022. Over 50% of this is taken up by the North American and Europe markets, home of the world’s largest hand tool import and export countries, with vibrant DIY cultures.

Taiwan Excellence, representing the highest achievement awarded for Taiwanese products, hosted the Taiwan Excellence Hardware Showcase last Friday to showcase its innovative hardware and hand tools. The event includes the latest technologies and products from six established Taiwanese hardware and hand tool companies, namely Medical Intubation Technology Corp (Mitcorp), Shuter Enterprise Co Ltd, Ferro-Carbon Ent Co Ltd, William Tools Co Ltd, Kuani Gear Co Ltd and Tien-I Industrial Co Ltd.

Kuani Gear offers high quality super duty air impact wrench. With an all-in-one design, its impact wrench head is 138mm and the overall tool is only 1.8 kg, beating the traditional impact wrench. Its one-handed operation cuts control time by 50%. Its gearless angle impact reduces vibration by 50%, increase torque output by 20%.

Mitcorp is the leading industrial video borescope manufacturer in Taiwan. Its self-leveling pipe inspection videoscope has already been exported to the US and more than 20 countries in Europe. The technology, which was originally used in medical endoscopy, allows auto and aircraft repair technicians to see the inside of an engine and diagnose problems, saving disassembly time and avoiding related maintenance risks.

William Tools is a leading and specialised ratchet wrench manufacturer and supplier in Taiwan for over 25 years. Its screen slipping T-handle torque screwdriver is made from high-tensile metal and eco-friendly materials, making it stronger and better than other products. It is factory-calibrated to +/-4% and a new mechanism ensures that accuracy is retained for longer. Every wrench is supplied with a calibration certificate. The core features of the product are a numeric screen display making it easy to read the torque value, an ergonomic grip that offers a better feel than other brands.

Shuter is a provider of sleek and practical office and industrial storage solutions. Its RC heavy duty storage shelves feature height adjustable shelves with a heavy-duty loading capacity of 100 kg per shelf. Each unit is expandable: buy several units of any configuration in this series and connect them together to create an entirely customisable, full capability tool and materials storage system. The number of shelves per unit is also customisable. The flat-pack, DIY, and modular design of this series of Shuter shelves means easier and cheaper transport, storage, and assembly.

Ferro Carbon is a leading manufacturer in hand tool industry, offering civil construction tools like tile cutters and all kind of auxiliary tools, as well as suction cup products for houseware. It has a robust line of high of high quality suction cup products which allow homeowners to save space and reduce clutter. Its heavy duty tile cutter is light but yet powerful for cutting high hardness materials. The cutter also comes equipped with double guide for better visibility of the scoring and cutting line.

Tien-I is a professional manufacturer specialising in producing socket tool, impact socket, air chisel, tube tools, and automotive repairing tools. Its spinning impact extension is designed for professional car repairers, and can be used more efficiently and safely in narrow working environments such as under the car or in the engine area.

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