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A doctor from Tangerang, Banten is facing the death penalty after she was arrested for arson and the murder of her boyfriend and his family.

Late evening on Aug. 6, the suspect, who is identified as 30-year-old MM, doused the victims’ motorcycle garage with gasoline and set it on fire. The garage was in a shophouse, and the owners lived on the floors above.

MM’s boyfriend, 35-year-old LS, was among the three killed as fire ravaged the shophouse. His parents, ES and LT, were also killed in the fire. LS’ two younger siblings survived after they managed to run up to the third floor of the shophouse, which was relatively safe from the blaze.

MM was soon arrested, and confessed to the police that she set her boyfriend’s house on fire because his parents did not approve of their relationship. She also claimed that she was carrying his child.

“Based on the evidence, the premeditated murder element was fulfilled. So we have charged her with violation of Article 340 of the KUHP [Criminal Code],” Jatiuwung Precinct Chief Zazali Haryono said yesterday.

Under Article 340, the maximum punishment for premeditated murder is the death penalty.

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