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Andy Murray reunited with his stolen wedding ring and smelly trainersAndy Murray has finally been reunited with his wedding ring and his smelly trainers after they were stolen when he left them underneath a car in California. The three-time Grand Slam winner, 34, is in California for the Indian Wells tournament, where he was granted a wildcard to compete.  Murray always ties it to his shoelaces for safe-keeping when he plays but was stolen alongside with the shoes, when he left them outside to get some air. Luckily, on Thursday, he posted on Instagram to say the shoes and ring had “come back home”. In a video message, two-time Wimbledon champ Murray sent a “huge thanks” to fans for all the messages he received after his gaffe. “I had to make a few calls today and chat to the security at the hotel and everything,” he said. Holding up the shoes with the ring still attached, he added: “A little update for everyone, would you believe it, they still absolutely stink but the shoes are back, the wedding ring is back and I’m back in the good books – let’s go!”   The post Tennis star, Andy Murray reunited with his stolen wedding ring and smelly trainers appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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