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Mango has always been on my fashion radar, but it wasn’t till their 2021 fall drop that I realized that I may have been sleeping on the Spanish retailer for longer than I should have. What started off as product research for a story ended in me adding a few things into my cart and of course, immediately texting my coworkers about itit. I like to think we share minds here at Who What Wear, which was proven by my fellow editor Anna LaPlaca quickly responding to my texts with what was on her wishlist because she also was obsessed with Mango’s latest collections. If you want to see the proof, I’ve attached the texts below so you can see we take our jobs (and shopping) very seriously. 

Don’t worry—we’re not just keeping the excellent finds for ourselves. Mango truly understood this season’s assignment, and their latest arrivals are chockful of things anyone would want in their fall wardrobe. The proof is in the pudding, so do yourself a favor and keep scrolling.

If you’re looking for the shirt Anna had on her wishlist above.

I’m not a wedge person, but I’ll be one for these.

Okay mango—I see you.

Kelly green is the color that won’t stop giving.

You’ll definitely want the matching cropped blazer.

If you think plain button-downs are boring, try this one.

Sporty spice.

Chunky loafer season is here.

Clogs are the “ugly” shoe the fashion set is loving right tnow.

A wardrobe staple.

Yes, this has already been delivered to me and I plan on wearing it tomorrow.

You probably have enough black boots, so why not try for a cream option?

The ultimate fall pant.

It’s almost like the bottom heels are dipped in leather.

Layer thing over anything. T-shirts, button ups, dresses, it’ll go with it all. Trust me.

Add small hints of color to your neutral outfits this season.

Like I said in my texts, how much checkered is too much checkered? I think the limit does not exist.

This skirt makes all the statement you need.

I always keep my blazers on rotation in the colder months.

How beautiful is this subtle color palette?

Over-the-knee styles are back and better than ever.

A timeless coat you’ll rely on often.

Live out your cottagecore dreams even in the fall.

How cool is this print?

If you don’t own a slouchy black blazer, you should consider adding one to your arsenal.

For the extra chilly days.

If you want to change things up from your regular gold chain necklace.

I’ll be sticking to the fluffy side.


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