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Now that we’re officially in spring and summer is basically around the corner, we—the editors here at WWW—have been identifying the trends we’re personally going to invest in for the months ahead. On the flip side, we’ve also been sorting through our wardrobes to uncover the pieces we probably won’t be pulling out due to their somewhat outdated nature. Today, we wanted to specifically highlight the accessories—bags, shoes, and jewelry trends—we’re putting away and the fresh items we’re opting for instead. Of course, it’s always important to remember that you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what anyone else says.

Below you’ll find more about the items that are in and out for spring and summer. As a preview, you’ll notice a bag trend that one editor is storing away in favor of a more forward silhouette. Keep scrolling to see more, along with shopping recommendations as well. 

“I used to be the biggest fangirl for chunky sneakers. I thought they were the coolest and always feared that I would regret not buying into a designer take on them. Luckily, I didn’t because now my heart lies with a sleeker sneaker: the retro style. Pretty much all of my favorite designers are putting out their rendition of this trend and I think this one will make for a great investment since we know they’ll always come back around.”

“A few years ago, we were all carrying around those structured basket bags that actually could’ve passed for Easter baskets. They were bulky and usually wide open at the top, so in other words, not ideal. I’m still into bags made of natural materials (especially during spring and summer), but now they’re in the form of raffia bags such as those from Prada and Loewe.”

“I used to be so into layering on a number of dainty necklaces (and dainty ring, too, for that matter). I would put so much effort into creating the perfect stack that hit at different lengths but lately, I’ve been going into a totally new direction with my jewelry. I have a fewer, but better mentality when it comes to necklaces and rings and a single chunky chain-link necklace or sculptural statement ring is all I wear to complete an outfit.”

“I remember when there was something kind of fun and novel about teeny tiny handbags that could barely fit but a piece of gum inside them. Not surprisingly they were incredibly unpractical. These days, I much prefer a chic shoulder bag with a sleek silhouette that can house all my must-have essentials because I can’t leave the house without my phone and lipstick.”

“Like many people, I succumbed to the trend of dazzling statement shoes, which is probably why I have a few pairs of shoes sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust. Don’t get me wrong, I love a colorful or unique shoe, but I’d much rather be comfy in my New Balances or chic ballet flats than uncomfortable shoes that will only look cool on Instagram. Instead, I’ve been leaning towards investing in more neutral shoes that are classic and crisp. While they may not make a statement or make someone go ‘Wow,’ my feet are thanking me and they actually get everyday wear.”

“I went really deep into croc-embossing (on both shoes and bags) when it first had its comeback, which is probably why, now, I’m ready to forget about it for a while. Instead, I’m loving simple leather and suede shoes and bags in classic silhouettes.”

“This isn’t a trend per se, but I’ve reached a point where I don’t want to spend my money on fleeting jewelry pieces. Instead, I’m focused on saving up for special items that I can wear and own forever—and hopefully, pass down one day. Right now, I’m interested in purchasing my first investment timepiece.”

Next, check out more spring and summer wardrobe staples.

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