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The phrase “leave no man behind” seems to be a guiding principle in GDL (Growth and Development Group). One of the leading diversified financial institutions is focused on ensuring financial inclusion for all in Nigeria.

From the digital-savvy generation Z who are charting new paths to earning income online and need help with investing their money to the working-class Millennial who want to secure their future through investing in the high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) who are looking to grow their wealth, GDL is opening its doors to everyone.

As financial and investment advisory experts duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), GDL plans to help Nigerians by providing relevant financial information and high yielding investment opportunities for all investors.

The ultimate promise from GDL is that Nigerians can become smart investors from anywhere in the world and all it takes is a visit to their website which is a huge enlightenment platform and they can start saving and investing in their future with a full understanding of what it takes and how it works without ambiguity.

According to the Group CEO, Kola Ayeye,

“At GDL, we see the socio-economic challenges facing Nigeria as an opportunity to provide platforms for creating private sector led frameworks that will help to address some of the major concerns of the average Nigerian household in a sustainable way, using mainly, in-country resources.”

Kola Ayeye further gave a sneak peek into the near future and stated that the company is very much interested in creating investment opportunities in the housing and education sector.  He believes these are two major problems of Nigerians and there’s a need to solve them through creative financially backed social initiatives.

GDL has held fast to its promise of becoming a bridge through which the populace can attain financial freedom and its mission of providing unique financial solutions to strengthen and expand the middle class.

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