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Since starting at Who What Wear just six short months ago, Aniyah Morinia has low-key been the source of much of my style inspiration. She knows it, too! I stalk her Instagram and TikTok accounts so often that she now expects me to ask where she got her latest outfit or accessory nearly every time she posts new content. But I won’t apologize—the girl has really good style.

Now that it’s finally getting cold in Los Angeles (and by cold, I mean just under 65°), I’m paying even closer attention to Aniyah’s on-trend New York winter ‘fits. One thing all of her recent looks have in common? Converse. From high-top sneakers to leather boots, her new footwear is adding that casual, comfortable, and effortlessly cool vibe that I’m always aiming for with my outfits. BRB—I’ll be copying all three of these looks immediately.

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