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I always prefer it when a story idea slaps me across the face instead of me having to slog through the internet in search of my next article. And that’s just what happened when I came across a stellar pair of shoes in the new arrivals section of H&M‘s website. I was on the retailer curating market for a different story when I stopped everything I was doing so that I could turn your attention to these shoes before they sell out—and trust me, they will sell out. 

If you ask me, the new H&M Mesh Mules ($30) are the perfect combination of wearability, style, and trend awareness. The kitten heel makes them dressier than flat sandals but still supremely easy to wear, while the mesh detail is a fun nod to the resurgence of ’90s trends that we’ve been seeing lately. Need I even mention the fantastic $30 price tag? Because that’s a given. Scroll down to shop the cute mesh mules. 

These slides will go with nearly everything you own and will only set you back $30. What are you waiting for? 

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