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I think I speak for all of us when I say that it’s really nice to receive any type of discountPerfume is one of the main things I love receiving said discount on because most are notoriously expensive. If your poison happens to be a scent like Baccarat Rouge, that will set you back a cool $325. Ugh. Don’t worry, though. Today, I’m about to let you in on a little secret. There’s a sophisticated fragrance brand out there that editors wear on repeat. Why? Most of its offerings retail for only $80. I know that can still be pretty pricey if you’re on a budget, but I had to share anyway because it has become a fast favorite of mine for that reason. I’ll gladly spend $80 on a perfume I love and will wear forever—it beats spending $325, right? 

If this piques your interest, I’ve put together a list of editor-loved Tocca perfumes for you to take a look at. Each oozes European charm, from the notes to the beautiful glass bottles worthy of a spot on your vanity. Keep scrolling for the absolute best Tocca perfumes editors can’t stop wearing. 

Key notes: blood orange, freesia, spicy lily. My fragrance MO is sweet and spicy, and no one does both quite like Tocca. Stella is a feast for the senses. It envelopes you in tangy blood orange and base notes of spicy lily. It sounds like it wouldn’t exactly float everyone’s boat, but trust me—the notes of freesia top it off so beautifully that you’ll never want to stop wearing it.

Key notes: spicy blood orange, strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, Italian orange

Key notes: grapefruit, jasmine, vanilla musk. I personally think you can never go wrong with a warm, floral fragrance. Cleopatra is the perfect scent to wear when the seasons are changing—notes of grapefruit remind me of the lingering aroma of summer, while jasmine and vanilla musk smell like a beautiful fall day in a garden. 

Key notes: grapefruit, mimosa, tuberose

Key notes: wild iris, black currant, patchouli heart. Maya definitely packs more of a punch than Tocca’s other warm floral offerings, but if notes of wild iris, black currant, and patchouli are of interest, you might want to give it a shot. Black currant has a sweet and juicy quality to it but also boasts a bit of sharp acidity, making it a really unique note to include in a perfume. I personally love it when paired with the right notes—go big or go home. 

Key notes: black currant, rose, white musk

Key notes: bergamot, sandalwood, pink peppercorn. According to the brand, Colette is an ode to the great poets of the 1940s. It evokes the feeling of cozying up with a warm cup of coffee and a good book with notes of bergamot, violet, spicy pink peppercorn, and warm sandalwood. It’s a beautiful combination of notes that give the wearer an air of mystery.

Key notes: pink peppercorn, rose, Egyptian orange flower, Turkish rose absolute, amber woods, ambrette absolute, musk

Key notes: pink tulips, green apple, vanilla orchid. Giulietta is sweet, fresh, and truly floral. It’s a youthful fragrance with sparkling notes of pink tulip, green apple, and sweet vanilla orchid. Pro tip: It’s a beautiful scent to wear on date night.

Key notes: grapefruit, eucalyptus, jasmine, cannabis, angelica

Key notes: pink peppercorn, tangerine, Turkish rose, amber, vanilla. Pink peppercorn is one of my favorite perfume notes due to its slightly spicy nature. Radiant tangerine, Turkish rose, and vanilla round this one out perfectly. It’s also one of my personal favorite Tocca offerings.

Key notes: rose, wood, spice, earth, light smoke

Key notes: bergamot, pear, gardenia. For all of you out there who like smelling stylish and French, this classic floral is for you. It was inspired by the charm and sophistication of Paris and is a chic blend of bergamot, lush pear, and aromatic gardenia.

Key notes: pear, freesia, patchouli

Key notes: watermelon, ylang-ylang, frangipani. The fruity and floral goodness in this scent comes from notes of juicy watermelon, ylang-ylang, and tropical frangipani. It’s definitely more of a gourmand fragrance, but if you’re into that, you’ll definitely love this luscious offering.

Key notes: bergamot, watermelon, cardamom, basil, verbena, musk, vetiver

Key notes: Italian bergamot, petit grain, white freesia. Belle has always been a bit of a dark horse for me. It’s a fresh, floral perfume that has crisp citrus notes of Italian bergamot, petit grain, and freesia. It truly smells like a vacation in a bottle and gives me a huge burst of energy in the morning when I spritz it on.

Key notes: bergamot, cedarwood, vetiver

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