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There are three wishes I’d make if a magical beauty-themed genie ever paid me a visit. The first? To have small pores. The second? To be able to utter “Chin hairs, be gone!” so I wouldn’t have to waste time trying to find my tweezers. And lastly, I’d wish for the ability to give myself a salon-worthy blowout! Nothing beats that feeling when my hair is freshly done and I can revel in that sleek, bouncy blowout. The one that I can never replicate at home, no matter how many times I’ve tried. (My hands are too weak to hold that round brush!) That’s why the T3 AireBrush Duo is a gift from the gawds.

Blow-dry brushes have been a game changer for beauty the past few years (especially when we weren’t able to make it to a salon for a blowout during lockdown). I personally was pretty content with my usual ritual of using a blow-dryer and my hair tools (and my Dyson Airwrap on occasion). But as someone who wants to look high-maintenance with a low-maintenance routine, the thought of using something that could replicate a blowout quickly and without damaging my hair was exciting. And since T3 is my all-time favorite hot tool brand, I had to give the AireBrush a proper trial.

Since my hair is dyed pink, I usually wash my hair every three to four days in order to retain the color better. (Thank you, dry shampoo.) When it’s time to wash it, I try to let it air dry, which results in a super frizzy mess. If I’m going out, I’ll blow-dry it and flat iron it if I have time. But with the AireBrush Duo, I’m able to cut down the time and use only one tool. The AireBrush comes with two attachments, a paddle brush for a sleek, straighter look, and a round brush for more va-va-voom. It also has five different heat settings and three speeds to choose from, plus volume boost and cool blast buttons. (Other blow-dry blushes are more limited in their settings or don’t have attachment options.)

Before using the AireBrush, your hair should be about 80% wet, so you’ll want to rough-dry it using a hair dryer or let it air-dry, which is what I did. 

I also dried it a bit by removing the attachments and using the built-in blow-dryer. The brand doesn’t recommend this, but I wanted to test it (and was too lazy to pull out my actual blow-dryer), and I’m happy to say it worked well! 

Next, you’ll want to separate your hair into sections. I’m going to be honest, this is where I usually fail with styling my hair. As I said, I like to be as quick as possible with my beauty routine, so I’ll usually forgo the sectioning, however, I wanted to do things right for once and I’m glad I did. If I tried to do my usual thing (which is trying to run the tool through a large section of my hair), it wouldn’t have worked as well.

I decided to use the round brush, which ended up giving my hair a nice, sleek look, but not as bouncy as I’d hoped. My hair is very fine, so it can take more effort in order to get waves or a curl (usually a flat iron or a curler). Next time, I’m going to spend a little more time on the ends so they’ll flip out more. One of the best things about the AireBrush is not only how good my hair looks, but how nice it feels, too. The ends of my hair don’t feel fried at all. T3 has always been great at styling my processed hair without damaging it, and the same thing goes for the AireBrush. 

I love having this option when I don’t want to use my other hot tools. It also doesn’t get super hot like some other tools do. When you run the brush through your hair, you can easily grasp the top of the round brush without worrying you’ll burn your fingers. Finally, cost-wise, the AireBrush is also a good in-between option for blow-dry brushes, especially if you want something that has more options than the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer ($45), but don’t want to shell out almost $600 for the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler. At $179, this is an investment that is totally worth it. Looks like I now have an extra beauty wish in case that genie ever comes around!

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