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They say all is fair in love and war, and this might have been on the mind of one man from Bali’s Badung regency, who went so far as to forge his wife’s death certificate in order to, get this — marry another woman. 

The man, identified as 56-year-old S, has been named a suspect for document forgery, with his case dossier having been handed over to the Badung District Attorney yesterday ahead of a court date in the near future.

S is said to have collaborated with the head of the Religious Affairs Office (KUA) in Petang District, identified as 43-year-old AM, in the alleged crime. AM has also been named a suspect in the case. 

In August 2019, S told AM to forge a number of documents, including a statement of death and a death certificate for his lawful wife, identified as 54-year-old DS. On top of that, AM also helped S forge a Family Card (KK) and ID cards for S and another woman identified as H. AM was reportedly paid IDR1.5 million (US$105) for the illicit service. 

“The letters stated that the victim (DS) has died when in reality the victim is still alive and healthy to this day,” I Ketut Maha Agung, the District Attorney in Badung, said in a statement. 

He said S used the documents to marry H, even though he was still legally married to DS. 

DS later found out about her husband’s schemes and decided to press charges against him. Under Indonesia’s Criminal Code (KUHP), S and AM each face a maximum of 8 years in prison.

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