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… Calls for development of sector through partnerships

By Palma Ileye

In efforts to boost economy through arts, culture and tourism, AFRIKROWN has organised an art exhibition, to encourage the youths, seek ways to promote the industry, address some of the world’s most pressing issues in an innovative and forward thinking manner as well as showcasing the importance of the sector to achieving a sustainable economy.

The event titled: ‘LEVI- UNITE II’, adopts the significance of unity with reference to history and the present, it addresses the importance of the strength of many also noting that only in the presence of more than one entity can anything meaningful be truly formed.

The essence was to enable the new knowledge of the significance of unity even for the sake of individuality, to have a sense of responsibility toward the journey of the nation and continent to Her glory days, to involve the audience in the new art form, NFT and create a desire, an experience of and an appreciation for technology, art and their value.

Speaking during the event, the organiser and founder of AFRIKROWN, Ifeoma Faith Dagbue stated that the art exhibition was bringing together young passionate leaders who were rewriting history, “to discuss the challenges that young change-makers face in preserving the nation’s arts and culture through the use of technology.”

Dagbue noted that joining forces could have a huge impact on the socioeconomic growth of a community that needs to support young people adding that even in this current reality, we should muster sufficient willpower to begin doing the right things through partnerships and fostering development of art towards achieving a higher goal together.

She explained that “Afrikrown is an organization that leverages on art, culture and places to imbibe the consciousness and actualization of self-sufficiency in Africans for Africa. The Afrikrown Annual Art Exhibition is the art medium through which we support, promote and expose young African artists, presenting the value their art embodies while addressing societal issues during symposiums by creating awareness which encourages constructive conversations to foster change. Our target audience is the youth, art lovers, and change/solution seekers.

“The annual exhibition launched in September 2019 with the theme ‘Still…’ where the declining principles and values of our youth were addressed during the symposium. The exhibition was a success with 8 artists and over 80 attendees present.

“The 2nd edition was virtual and held in September –October 2020. The artworks of two young artists were featured and the symposium featuring Toluse Dove Francis was carried out live on Instagram with over 40 views and over 20 on YouTube. The theme ‘Box’ addressed ‘the complexity and impact of the information consumed from childhood on the life of an adult’. A consequent release of articles that further addressed this theme is carried out on Medium and on the Afrikrown’s website.

“The 3rd edition held at Nosona Studios at Edo Global Art Foundation with 7 artists whose artworks revolved around the theme Levi-Unite. The exhibition and symposium were successful with relevant conversations engaged in by the audience and sale of an artwork.

“This year’s edition will be the 4th, and our goal is to organize an art exhibition to showcase the artworks of young and upcoming Nigerian artists, and a symposium, addressing the importance of unity. We also hope to create an digital experience of art during the event.”

She said LEVI- UNITE, really pushes for partnership to promote the development of art, culture and tourism in the country, saying that through unity, sustainable growth of the economy and empowerment of youths can be achieved.

“The theme LEVI – UNITE, adopts the significance of unity with reference to history and the present. It addresses the importance of strength of many as ‘ only in the union of many elements can anything perfect be formed’. This is expressed in the African folklore of the old man and his three sons, which revealed that a single stick is easily broken while referring to the 3 sons working individually whereas a bundle of sticks cannot be easily broken referring to the three sons working together.

“The main essence of the annual exhibition is to support young African artists, promote them, while creating a platform to engage in constructive conversation with the aim of fostering change. And the plan we had for this yeah. The goal was achieved because I know that everyone left with new knowledge and experience of art, and, I believe, a yearning for more of this kind of experience.

“The theme is also expressed in the phrase, ‘Plurality of mind’, coined by Napoleon Hills, he posited that one individual cannot possess great power no matter how well informed he is. It only applies when that power is transmitted, hence, there must be a plurality of mind,” she added.

The art exhibitor, called for support of government and stakeholders, to promote art, culture and tourism also stating that the evangelism should be taking to schools and relevant agencies and associations to ensure sustainability of the industry.

Also Founder of the Ladi Kwali Foundation Mr Japheth Sha’agi Kineze said that Nigeria was known for its multicultural diversity also been recognized as the smartest people in the world ” this is because of our discipline and will power to make the world a better place.”

Kineze stated that art which was an expression of feelings should be adopted as a way to create unity in Nigeria especially with the present challenges being faced in the country, adding that the industry should be appreciated and developed to encourage youth restiveness and empowerment.

“We should find meaning to things we find around us, arts helps us to find meaning in everything around us. Art is life. In essence AFRIKROWN is here to bring us together to achieve the purpose of perceiving art in a positive perspective and to lead the nation with most of the art works at this exbition which speaks on the most needed unity we yearn for to ensure development in our nation.

“Most of the art works speak of the beauty, unity, energy, they all signify the importance of unity. Art is a gift and means of communication and whenever you have that fire in you to transmit a message through art please do so. If you do this you are contributing to the growth of the sector and stability of the country. This is an incredible opportunity for us to have conversations about how we can advance our country’s development through arts, culture, and technology,” he explained.

One of the artist from Lagos, who attended the exhibition, Leonard Ogar urged the Nigerian government to give a chance to the development of the industry while calling on fellow artists to seek ways to improving the sector.

The art exhibition which featured the use of Art Therapy to solving mind problems was supported by Seedbuilders Innovation Hub, Edo Global Art Foundation, Thought Pyramid Art Gallery Abuja and Nigeria Gallery of Art, NGA.

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