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Barcelona have assured coach Xavi he can make a signing in January.

According to Sport, despite the difficult numbers, the club have told Xavi that they will be able to sign at least one player in January, along with Dani Alves. It will only be on loan, but Xavi knows the profile of player he wants.

Barça, with Koeman on the bench, had planned for a physical midfielder to arrive, but the club stopped the two operations they had open. Xavi thinks they have enough cover there.

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Another thing is what might happen next summer, but for now, they are just looking for a winger who can play across the attack. Xavi is worried about Barça’s goal power.

Barca want a player who can guarantee 15 goals. They have various reports and prices. The profile is clear: players who aren’t getting enough minutes for their teams but have shown they have the quality. They would need to be willing to come for six months on loan and be at an advanced age.

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