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American professional boxer, Jermall Charlo has been arrested, with police alleging that he stole cash from a waitress after an incident in a San Antonio bar. Jermall Charlo who has held the WBC middleweight title since 2019 and previously held the IBF light middleweight title from 2015 to 2017, allegedly stole on Wednesday, August 25, the night before his twin brother, Jermell Charlo’s world title fight against Brian Castano. According to local authorities, Jermall was with a large party of other patrons when a waitress gave the group their bill at the end of the evening. Police claim Jermall then had his debit card declined multiple times and when the waitress asked if he had another form of payment, he reacted in a bad way.Police say CCTV footage shows Jermall was “upset and yelling” while also being “very animated” towards the waitress. Then, according to local cops, the undefeated boxer took two bill collection binders from the waitress which reportedly contained “cash payment made by another customer” as well as Jermall’s own ID.Other people on the scene allegedly tried to stop him from leaving, but that witnesses claim he was saying “I will f**k you all up” as he walked out, according to TMZ reports.That same night police issued warrants for his arrest after he left the scene in his limousine bus. It’s understood Jermall turned himself into police later that week and is now facing three counts of felony robbery.The boxing star has now denied the allegations made against him and his attorney says the club’s owner has “expressed his desire to drop the charges”. “I want to make clear that Jermall stole no money from anyone at the club and made no threats toward anyone,” the boxer’s lawyer Kent A. Schaffer told KSAT. “When they ran his card it was declined and he then received a fraud alert from Chase Bank asking if he had made the charge.”He responded yes and they told him to have the charge submitted again. The waitress went to run it again and came back saying she could not find the card. Jermall was upset that his card was missing since it was a debit card tied to an account with a substantial amount of money. “The waitress had his license sticking out of a portfolio and he took his license back saying that he didn’t want her to lose that too. “By this time, many club employees were gathering in the hallway so Jermall’s handlers wanted to get him out of the club before trouble started and a club employee walked Jermall out to his car.”Hours later Jermall’s assistant made contact with the club to give them another credit card number but the club refused to accept it.”At no point did he rob anyone or take any property other than his own.” WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo had 32 wins and zero losses with 22 knockouts to his name. The post Undefeated Boxing World Champion Jermall Charlo arrested for allegedly stealing money from bar waitress appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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