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Europe based Gospel Artist, UniekGrace has released a new single, “Never Alone” – a song of healing and trust in God’s love.

Artwork for “UniekGrace – Never Alone”

Speaking about the song, she shares about the inspiration behind it –
“Innocent, Sexually abused, Loss of confidence, Insecured, No faith in God, Psychologically imbalanced, Suicidal attempt, Crawled in a dark place for a decade : These were some of my resumé as a 15 year old far away from home.

I became angry with God. Why would He forsake me as a kid to go through all these traumatic experiences all by myself. Even though I was surrounded with a crowd, yet I felt alone.

My journey of light began when I decided to find my way back to into the arms of God and He showed me the type of love that I needed, to let go of the hurt and the darkness I had hurled myself into. HIS LOVE SET ME FREE!

It was a journey; an interesting one that changed my life forever. Now I have a different relationship with Him and with others around me. I became more than a conqueror; a sure survivor, once I realized that I was never alone and with God I am forever complete.

The situation is that God is always calling on us ; but because of what life throws at us, we walk around like people without God. Listen to the love I felt with God with my new song, ‘NEVER ALONE.’


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