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Golf fans have taken notice of Filipino golfer Yuka Saso’s swing since she burst into the international golfing circuit with a historic win at the 2018 Asian Games. With today’s win at the US LPGA Women’s Open — which makes her the first Filipino to win at a golfiing major — the 19-year-old’s impressive form is making waves anew.

A video clip from US sports network Golf Channel already went viral when it was first uploaded online in December 2020, offering a side-by-side comparison of Saso’s swing with that of golfing great Rory McIlroy, showing their uncannily similar moves. The clip has resurfaced, drawing new views as McIlroy himself told Golfweek over the weekend that he was “really, like I’m really into” Saso’s progress at the Women’s Open.

Saso, who has never been shy about acknowledging where she drew inspiration from, had also given a shout-out to McIlroy during a press interview after today’s win. “Rory mentioned me on Instagram and said, ‘Get that trophy.’And I did! So thank you, Rory,” Saso said.

In response, McIlroy tweeted: “Everybody’s going to be watching Yuka Saso videos on YouTube now. Congratulations!”

And we did.



from Rory McIlroy's Instagram Stories (@rorymcilroy) June 7, 2021
from Rory McIlroy’s Instagram Stories (@rorymcilroy) June 7, 2021



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