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Looking for exhilarating trends is my full-time job. I spend almost all of my days searching high and low for the next best fashion statement—whether that’s baring it all in boxer shorts or cozying up in the softest shearling accessories. While experimenting with bold colors and futuristic trends is fun, it can also be exhausting. 

At Who What Wear, wearable fashion trends are our holy grail and the place we call home after a busy day of previewing next season’s market. While the niche trends I find are quite fun, there’s something about the wearable ones that have even more of an impact on me. These are the trends that we’ll be talking about 20 years from now—saying, “That leather blazer is so 2021.” That’s why I spent today tapping into our editor database to see what wearable trends our editors have found to be so good they stopped and snapped a quick mirror selfie or pic along the way. 

Surprise, surprise, in my research, I kept coming across outfit snaps of our editors in the on-trend yet wearable pieces from Who What Wear Collection. It has become the perfect place for all of us to turn to for trends that are easy to wear but also so on point for the current times. There are many ways I could attempt to describe the quality to you, but these fabrics and details really do speak for themselves when you see them IRL. So yes, my hunt for wearable trends has taken us to our final destination. I went ahead and rounded up a collection of buzzy items that our editors have tested and approved as the perfect antidotes to any trend-hopping blues that you may have caught in our lightning-speed fashion world. Read on to find looks you’ll want to wear for years to come.

I’ve had a thing for the crisp collar on a white button-down for some time now, but there’s something so effortlessly chic about forgoing it for once. 

This is the staple you’ll truly wear on repeat.

You better believe I’ll be covered in shearling all season long. Lightweight jackets like this one are so much warmer when lined with the furry fabric, so join me in diving in.

This fun mint-green colorway looks even cooler in person.

When the traditional sweatsuit gets boring, try mixing and matching your favorite pieces. 

This sweatshirt is the exact color I want to live in this season.

Mix and match with these “stick of butter” sweatpants.

Dressing up like a layered cake is on my to-do list for this holiday season. 

Phew, I can check “finding a holiday dress” off my to-do list.

My enduring love for cutouts continues on. This strategically placed neckline cutout is so flattering.

This creamy colorway is a hit on every skin tone.

The subtle twist at the waist is like a built-in belt.

If you needed an excuse to dress up like a grape soda, this is it.

The elegant twists and ties on this dress are the big selling point.

Elegant drapes are popping up on our trend watch just in time for the holiday season.

This bold shade of blue is just wow.

Any skirt that has a slit is my kinda skirt.

I’ve always been a fan of leather, but this season, I’m diving in head first by doubling up for a full look.

When your blazers need a break, just turn to this jacket.

The opportunities are endless.

Like leather, I just can’t get enough of anything that comes in plaid. That’s why this year I’m stocking up on every school-girl print I can get my hands on.

It’s the tortoiseshell buttons for me.

Oh, to be as classic and chic as a plaid skirt.

It’s all in the details, and any subtle addition of texture or, in this case, scrunch draws me in.

I already know this dress would be put to work this holiday season.

I like my knits where I can see them—out of my closet and styled to perfection. 

When it comes to my WFH wardrobe, I never take off my cozy knits, so this one is going in the bag.

A fun styling tip is to mix different shades of gray for an updated take on the “groufit.”

While this set is giving summer, I’m loving terra-cotta hues year-round and layering these pieces now to keep them in my rotation.

The scrunching effect on this bustier top brings the drama.

The belt is detachable, so I’d throw it over a blazer when I want to switch things up.

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