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When I first began looking for more Filipino beauty brands to support a few years ago, the one that was at the top of my list was Sunnies Face. The makeup brand, which was founded by Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Martine Ho, Bea Soriano-Dee, and Eric Dee in 2018, was an instant hit in the Philippines. (A tube of Fluffmate apparently sells every 30 seconds there!) And fellow Filipina beauty editors raved about the brand’s velvety lipsticks and creamy blushes. But there was a major caveat: It wasn’t available in the U.S.

In fact, if you wanted to get your hand on one of the brand’s holy-grail lipstick bullets, your only options were to ask someone who was going to the Philippines to bring it back (aka pasalubong, a Filipino tradition where you bring home gifts and souvenirs for loved ones), or purchase via a (usually unauthorized) third-party seller.

Four years later, however, the makeup gods have answered our cries. In what might be one of the most exciting beauty announcements of the year, Sunnies Face is now available to purchase in the U.S. While the entire line of Sunnies Face includes products like mascara, eye shadow, brow products, and some skincare, the brand decided to make its American debut with only one hero product to start: Fluffmate Weightless Modern Matte Lipstick ($16).

This beloved matte lipstick was formulated to work with the beautifully diverse complexions of Filipino people, but can flatter any skin tone. It currently comes in 15 different shades, from perfect nudes to classic reds, so anyone can find their ultimate Sunnies Face shade. And, at just $16 a pop, you might be compelled to grab a couple for your stash. Keep scrolling to read my in-depth review of the lipstick and to see what the formula looks like once it’s applied. 

When it comes to lipstick, matte is usually my choice finish and formula. For about a year into the pandemic, I was loyal to a seriously no-budge, mask-proof lipstick that wouldn’t transfer no matter what. Since then, I’ve eased up on those and have opted for more lightweight, velvety mattes, which is exactly how Fluffmate feels. The packaging is also simple yet chic, an indistinguishable beige tube with the brand name embossed on the cap. (It’s also very secure, which is something I appreciate these days since I’ve had trouble with magnetic tube lipsticks coming apart in my purse and getting all over the lining. Not cute.)

As a red lip girl for life, the first shade I reached for was Hot Sauce, a tomato red. (Major, another crimson shade, is a true, blue-based red and might be more of the Ruby Woo by MAC of the line). Orangey reds have been my preference in recent years, and Hot Sauce was an immediate winner. The pigment was vivid and rich, but not heavy or drying. It went on smoothly and easily and stayed on perfectly after I did my routine two-blot tissue move.

While it’s not bulletproof (it will transfer to your mask or burrito), the fade-out was even and my lips still looked nice, even after eating a saucy meatball and a cannoli. Another thing I appreciate about the lipstick is that it isn’t scented. (I’ve grown a bit tired of the traditional vanilla smell when it comes to lipsticks.)

Another surprise favorite was Girl Crush, which is described as a terracotta rose. Finding a nude that works with my skin tone and makes me feel good (and not washed out) is always a big deal for a red lipstick loyal devotee like myself. Since my favorite Marc Jacobs Beauty matte liquid lipstick is now discontinued, Girl Crush is taking its place (right next to my other favorite nude shade by CTZN Cosmetics). All in all, I’m in love with these Sunnies Face lipsticks and am crossing my fingers that more of the brand’s products become available stateside soon.

Warm, almond-nude

A warm, beige nude.

A cool, blush nude.

A warm, pink nude.

A peachy papaya.

A terra-cotta peach.

A peach, brown nude.

A rose, maude nude.

A taupe, brown nude.

A reddish, brown nude.

A berry rose.

A taupe mauve.

The perfect red.

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