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We’ve seen numerous trendy food and beverages since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with croffle being one of the latest ones in Indonesia. What’s croffle, you ask? It’s a mashup between a croissant and waffle, where the croissant dough is baked in a waffle maker.

While it became popular in South Korea last year, the croffle was first developed by Irish pastry chef Louise Lennox and debuted around 2017. In Indonesia however, especially in Jakarta, croffle only became popular earlier this year, with many new brands specializing in the dessert popping up on Instagram.

Amid the croffle craze, new Jakarta-based dessert specialist Paendeo (or “panda” in Korean) took a step further by combining croissant with bungeoppang. Originating from the Japanese snack taiyaki, the Korean fish-shaped pastry bungeoppang ⁠— which literally means “carp bread” ⁠— is usually stuffed with sweetened red bean paste.

Paendeo claims that its croissant bungeoppang is the first of its kind in Indonesia. There are various selections of sweet and savoury fillings, such as the classic red bean paste, vanilla custard, and hazelnut nutella (IDR27,000 or US$1.87 each) and the creamy mushroom, tuna mayo, and ham & cheese (IDR30,000 or US$2.08 each). You can also buy a box of all croissant bungeoppang flavors for IDR170,000 (US$11.82).

At the moment, you can pre-order the croissant bungeoppang via direct message on Paendeo’s Instagram page or on Shopee. If you’ve tried the fish-shaped croissant treat, tweet us on @coconutsjakarta to let us know what it’s like!




Daily delivery from Kemayoran, Central Jakarta

Order through Shopee or Instagram


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This article, What comes after croffle? Paendeo adds croissant bungeoppang to list of pandemic food trends, originally appeared on Coconuts, Asia’s leading alternative media company.

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