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In all the time spent working from home, I forgot “business casual” even existed. After all, what is it even anymore? In my honest opinion, I feel like everyone was still a little confused on the guidelines of the dress code before this year, and now it’s even a little bit more confusing. If you’re wondering the same things, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The term itself is an oxymoron since business and casual are totally conflicting styles. Plus, everyone’s version of the dress code this past year has been a zoom-ready shirt on top, comfy pants on the bottom.

If you’re heading back into the office and need a refresher on what to wear, we’ve put together a capsule wardrobe that’ll make it much easier for you. Below, you’ll find the exact pieces you need to make the perfect modern-day “business casual” ensemble. 

Not only are relaxed rousers on-trend, but they’re easy to style. Wear a skinny pant if that’s your preference, but these are a perfect way to look forward but still feel comfortable

A strappy sandal is a must-have staple, but especially in the office. It immediately elevates any look, even if your look is just a plain white blouse and trousers. 

Whether it’s loafers or a mule, a structured flat will help you be comfortable on your feet but still help pull your look together. 

Sometimes, you have no idea what you want to wear to work. This is where easy dresses come to play. Just throw one on, pair with minimal accessories and you’re good to go. 

I remember the good ol’ office days where I schlepped around multiple bags. For the future, I’m going to invest in a quality carry-all that can at least fit most of my stuff. 

Do I even have to explain this one? Pair with trousers, a skirt, and if your office allows it—jeans.

It is business casual, right? Quality t-shirts are perfect for layering underneath blazers. 

In my opinion, midi skirts are top tier over maxi and mini. They hit the perfect length, and can easily be styled for the office and dressed up for after. 

Gone are the days of the fitted blazer you saw on office TV shows, the updated version is a slouchier and more relaxed fit. 

Find lightweight interesting blouses that can be worn easily without layering.

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